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JOOO “LANATEX” is the producer of high-quality piled jersey cloth from fleece with the work experience of over 12 years. The company has the reputation of a reliable producer and partner.


The company set up production of piled jersey cloth (fur fabric of virgin wool) with various percentage of wool, fabric weight and pile length. Lanatex makes advances for our clients and considers various ways of effective collaboration.


Our specialists use high-quality equipment to produce warm blankets and bed sheets, medical belts and elbow-pads, pillows and sensible clothing from natural raw materials. We value our reputation and precisely control output quality on all production stages. We also value the respect of our clients and continue to improve our production, expanding the assortment of virgin wool products. Our piled jersey cloth is used in clothing manufacture as a liner for outer garments, headgears, gloves, etc. Our products are undoubtedly qualitative, practical and durable.


Lanatex is notable for its ad hoc approach for wool processing, large variety of goods and reasonable prices for a wide range of customers. Owing to low prices and excellent quality our blankets, clothes and other products became available to everyone who can value the incredible characteristics, regardless their wealth and social status.


Lanatex uses in-house facilities to produce a large variety of goods made of virgin wool piled jersey cloth (virgin woven fur fabric). Finished goods possess the unique properties.


We offer various alternate versions of our products, as Lanatex blankets. We offer double-sided blankets (piled jersey cloth from both sides), one-sided blankets with cotton, sateen, silk, and other decorations on one side. Additionally, we produce pillows from piled jersey cloth, stuffed with holofiber. The pillows are durable and non-allergenic. Usage of holofiber alongside with the piled jersey cloth allowed producing pillows wearing well, are not plumping and everyone can enjoy helpful fleece.


Our production has three undisputed advantages: high quality, great variety and reasonable price.